3 simple steps to join the RCD Cash Card Fundraiser

Step 1:Œ   Order the Cash Card from the RCD or at the FundScrip website
Step 2:   Receive the actual Cash Card or the electronic Cash Card
Step Ž3:   Start using the Cash Card, to the full amount of your purchase

When you purchase the Cash Card, a percentage of your purchase is contributed to the RCD as a cash rebate.


Order your Cash Cards Using

i) Paper Order Form, downloadable here or available at the RCD office


ii)  Visit the FundScrip website and purchase the Cash Card directly






We have put together a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to answer your questions. In case you do not find the answer to your question, please call Kathie at the RCD at 604-232-2404 or email her at: kathie@rcdrichmond.org

​​What is the RCD Cash Card Fundraiser?

Through the purchase of Cash Card to some retailers, a small percentage of every cash card purchased is contributed to the RCD.

What is the FundScrip fundraising program?

Fundscript is an innovative on-line program that helps non-profit organizations like the RCD to earn cash rebates on things our supporters buy everyday like groceries, gas and other household items.

What are the retailers in the Cash Card fundraising program?

Click here to view the complete list of retailers in BC on the Cash Card Order Form long version. They include the categories of Grocery, Gas, Restaurant & Coffee, Apparel, Business & Office, Children & Toys, Department Stores, Electronics, Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Specialty, Sports & Leisure, as well as Travel.

​​How can I help the RCD with my purchase of Cash Cards?

A small percentage of every cash card purchased is contributed to the RCD. Depending on the retailers, different percentage of rebates is involved. Additionally, there are monthly promotions that would give higher percentage of rebates to the RCD if you purchase the Cash Card in that month.

​​Is there extra cost to me or any deduction for buying the Cash Card?

No, you will receive the exact amount of Cash Card you buy. You may need to pay for postage if you choose to receive tha Cash Card in the mail shipped directly to your address.

Is there extra cost to me or any deduction for using the Cash Card?

No, you use exactly the face value of the Cash Card at the retailers.

What are the ways to order the RCD Cash Cards?

There are two ways to order the RCD Cash Cards. One is by Paper Order Form and one is via the Fundscrip website to purchase the Cash Card directly through your personal login.

Where can I find the Paper Order Form for the RCD Cash Card Fundraiser?

Click here to download the RCD Cash Card Fundraiser Order Form, or pick one up at the RCD Office.

How and when do I pay for the Cash Card purchase with Paper Order Form?

After completing your order, return the Paper Order Form with payment to the RCD Office. Payment can be made in cash, cheque, debit or credit card. We shall charge a $1 handling charge with credit card transaction, for purchase of $20 or above. In order to avoid additional cost, we encourage the usage of debit card over credit card; there is no extra charge with debit card.

Why do I need to pay a $1 handling charge with my credit card payment?

We are sorry for this action, but the RCD only receives a small percentage of cash rebate and credit card charges are high; the handling charge can help us to offset the cost thereby the cash rebate can all come to the RCD. Using debit card does not incur such charges, hence we encourage the usage of debit card over credit card. We appreciate your understanding and support.

When long will it take for my Cash Card to arrive?

The turnaround time is about two weeks. We shall notify you by phone to come pick up the Cash Card when available. Sometimes it may take longer if we wait for bulk purchase which will have the shipping charges waived.

What is RCD Invitation Code to use on the FundScrip website?

The RCD Invitation Code is: 24EL4R, you must enter this code in order to send donation to the RCD.

What payment methods are available with on-line purchase?
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – FREE
    Requires completed application form and void cheque sent to FundScrip to be activated.
  • Credit Card (Service charge of 1.99%, deducted from the cash rebate to the RCD)
  • Online Banking Bill Payment – FREE

Pay for your orders as you would pay any other bill. There are no fees or deductions to cash rebate for using this payment. Please note that it can take at least three business days for FundScrip to receive payment.

How do I receive the Cash Card with on-line purchase?

The Cash Card will be shipped to your home address for $0.85 (plus taxes), payable at checkout, or to receive e-Card via your email (no extra cost). For mailing, there is a 4 Cash Card limit in each order of shipping and a $500 maximum value of the cards. For e-Card, it will be sent to your email and details can also be viewed from your FundScrip personal login.

Orders are processed four days a week (Monday through Thursday) at 9:15 a.m. ET once payment has been confirmed.

How do I use the Cash Card at retailers?

You simply swipe your Cash Card at the retailers for your purchase; the amount will be deducted from your Cash Card until all used up. For e-Card, you can print out the card, or have the number and PIN ready for your purchase.