no RCD Annual Fundraising Gala 2017


“Karaoke” at RCD Gala

On October 21, 2017, at the RCD Annual Fundraising Gala – Red and White Night, we shall have our first Karaoke Fundraiser. The purpose is to make it more fun and profitable by asking guests to donate money to hear someone sing – perhaps yourself, your friend, your significant half, someone you know can sing well (or not) or someone who really like to perform.

Nominate someone, including yourself, to sing Karaoke for a minimum nomination fee of $150 each song at the RCD Fundraiser Gala “Red and White Night” on October 21, 2017.

Guests will purchase their own ticket to the RCD 2017 Fundraising Gala. Click here to download the Gala Ticket Order Form, $100 a ticket or $900 for a table of 10.

You can register the nomination here now, or register at the Gala.

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Song for Karaoke if known: Bring music CD:

If you are nominating someone to sing, please obtain the person’s consent first.


Spring into Action & Fundraise for RCD:

Bring your own CD (Karaoke), or choose a song from our Karaoke list. We have acquired the services of professional sound technician Jones – his sound equipment is top notch for Karaoke.


Origin of “Karaoke”

Karaoke comes from a pair of Japanese words, “Kara” means empty, and “okesutora” means orchestra. The singer would listen to the recorded music by the orchestra or band and sing his part.
The first karaoke machine was designed in Japan, during the 1970's, by a gentleman named Daisuke Inoue. Inoue-san was a well-known drummer, and his friends asked him to provide recordings of his music so they could sing along at home. Once popularity grew, karaoke spread to the United States, and across East and Southeast Asia. Through the 80's, karaoke continued to become a popular and fun event through many countries. Interestingly however, the karaoke machine was not patented until the 80's, and then by a Filipino inventor named Roberto del Rosario. Karaoke is fun and exciting; and many people practice a few songs to be their theme songs for the opportunities.


The RCD offers unique sponsorship opportunities to support the 2017 Fundraising Gala; and only you can make it work!
Key Sponsorships:

We also welcome “Community Support” donations of any amount! Tax receipt for the full amount will be issued.
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Thank you to our 2017 Gala Sponsors

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