The Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) is about people, and people in action. We are hosting this peer-to-peer (p2p) fundraiser totally depending on people like you, who support the works of the RCD.

You and your actions mean a great deal to the RCD and people with disabilities we serve.

At the RCD, we have a FUNdamental Exercise Class every Friday from 1-2 p.m. The customized adaptive program was developed by a kinesiology specialist for people with all abilities. The 5 exercise areas include Balancing, Coordination, Flexibility, Motor Control and Stretching. We can all put in 15 minutes for exercise every day, easily.

We invite you, supporter of the RCD, to engage in fun and fundamental physical activities, and to raise funds for the RCD.



Step 1:
Sign up at the web platform “Spring into Action for RCD” P2P Fundraising Campaign. When your registration is confirmed, remember to print out your very own RCD P2P Spring into Action Participant Registration Card.

Step 2:
Download the “Spring into Action for RCD” pledge form and P2P package, and start asking your family and friends to support you doing 15 minutes of exercise per day for 13 out of 26 days by giving a pledge of $20, or more. You have the option of collecting the donation before or after the completion of the pledge.

Step 3:
Start doing fun and fundamental physical activities 15 minutes each day, and record it on the pledge form. We can be creative about what physical activities to do, such as Spring (into) Walking, Spring (into) Stretching, Spring (into) Dancing, even Spring (into) Gardening, Spring (into) Cleaning, and more.

Step 4:
Complete your pledge by June 2, 2017, if not earlier. Collect all the pledge donations and return with the pledge form to the RCD on or after June 5, 2017.


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