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RCD E-Newsletter

Our E-Newsletter is usually issued every two months, in place of most of our paper newsletters. In 2015 and 2016 we followed the theme of “Member First” and in 2017 we adopt the slogan “RCD In Action”. For the year 2018, the RCD is “Moving Forward”, anticipating lots of changes this year and the next. Hopefully, this is an effective way of communicating with our members, friends and supporters, on RCD activities, events, project and all related endeavours.

Go Paperless...

The Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) encourages conservation and environmental care. Hence we urge you to sign up for our email distribution list. We are happy to send E-Newsletter to anyone who is interested in receiving our information. Please email Jacqueline(jacqueline@rcdrichmond.org) to send your name, phone number and email address to be on our E-Newsletter mailing list.


Perspective Newsletter for RCD Donors

Since 2013 with the publication of our first Perspective Newsletter, it has been published twice per year with a goal of letting donors know how their monetary donations are being put to use. RCD Participant achievements will be highlighted along with upcoming events everyone can be involved in. The newsletter will also be used as an opportunity for you to get to know RCD staff a little more. It can be downloaded here. Take a look!



Annual Reports

A New Perspective on Disability.

Click here to download the 2018 Annual Report.
Click here to download the 2017 Annual Report.
Click here to download the 2016 Annual Report.
Click here to download the 2015 Annual Report.
Click here to download the 2014 Annual Report.
Click here to download the 2013 Annual Report.
Click here to download the 2012 Annual Report.
Click here to download the 2011 Annual Report.
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Click here to download the 2008 Annual Report.



RCD Project Publications

Resources for Career Development Project Final Report

The RCD administered the ESDC’s Opportunities Fund Community Coordinator Agreement via its project – “Resource for Career Development” from April 2014 to March 2015. The RCD had delivered services to people with disabilities by giving them the opportunity to benefit from interventions, enabling them to develop their skills and employability in order to prepare them to obtain and keep employment.

The final report outlines the best practices, outcomes, performance measures, impacts, and identified gaps that are learned and observed, or arising during implementation of the project.

Click here to view the “Final Report – Resources for Career Development Project”.


Multicultural Service and Delivery Model

In 2005-6, the RCD conducted a research project to develop a “Multicultural Service and Delivery Model” with a purpose to provide a framework that will assist organizations to reach people with disabilities within the Multicultural Community. The project was co-sponsored by the Department of Social Development, Office for Disability Issues and Canada Heritage.

Click here to download the "Multicultural Service and Delivery Model"


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