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Anti-spam law targets include social media and mobile devices

Canada's new anti-spam law, which is expected to come into force in 2012, will result in better respect for consumers and increased protection of the electronic marketplace. It will:

The law targets various types of violations including:

These violations can include spam, malware, spyware, address harvesting and false or misleading representations involving the use of any means of telecommunications, Short Message Services (SMS or text messaging), social networking, websites, uniform resource locators (URL) and other locators, applications, blogs, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Canada's anti-spam law takes a technology-neutral approach, so that all forms of commercial electronic messages sent by any means of telecommunications are CASStured under the new law.

Anyone wanting more information about the new anti-spam law, as well as tips for protecting themselves, can visit www.fightspam.gc.ca.

source: newscanada.com


Public Resources

Public Access Internet & Computer Sites in Metro Vancouver

A list of Public Access Internet and Computer Sites, administered by Vancouver Community Network, are available for public to use computers, high-speed Internet, printers and/or scanners. Most services are free or low-cost. There is also resource to show all known hotspots for free wireless Internet access in Metro Vancouver, and a list of shops/organizations which provide new or recycled (refurbished) computers at reduced prices.

Some other resources computer users may be interested in:

  1. Free Geek- They have a storefront that anyone can access and purchase affordable equipment at reasonable price. Furthermore, for individuals they have a program, Computer Adoption Program, where a volunteer can receive a free computer by volunteering for at least 24 hours at their recycling facility.