Summer Camp Planner & Coordinator (1 CSJ Position) – Job Posting, Job Description

Summer Camp Coordinator (2 CSJ Positions & 2 Contract Positions) – Job Posting, Job Description

Summer Camp Assistant (2 CSJ Positions & 3 Contract Positions) – Job Posting, Job Description

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The Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) is not-for-profit, disability-led and community-based, providing service to entire communities on disability issues and direct services to people with disabilities. Everyone we offer a summer camp for children and youth with disabilities, and we recruit experienced personnel to deliver the summer camp.


About the RCD Summer Camp

2019 is the 19th year of the RCD Summer Camp which is a specialized program specifically for children with disabilities from ages 6 to 16. In recent years there were other summer programs available, but RCD is the only one offering one-on-one supervision, and most important an affordable rate and with subsidy available for families with low income. We recruit, train and supervise around 30 volunteers every year; and continue to revise our curriculum and focus on skill building of non-academic abilities, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that must be learned from success in society. The fact is participation in an appropriately designed summer camp can lead to improved life skills and better adjustment returning to school for children with special needs.


Summer Camp Staff

Summer Camp Staff are responsible for ensuring overall quality of the experience provided to campers participating in the summer camp activities. We are looking for highly energetic and enthusiastic individuals with strong communication skills, listening skills, ability to ask questions and have independent decision-making, problem solving and analytical skills, with team work and cooperation.

Other Assets: