RCD Board & Staff Christmas Party – Dec 20, 2010

xmas partyThe tables were set and the dishes prepared by the board and staff members were starting to accumulate on the tables.  How did we prepare five tables full of food?  No one really knew the answer.  The only answers we had were that we had a blast and we also gained a few pounds.

christmas partyAt noontime, the board and staff members gathered in the Activity Room.  It was a small party; there were about 15 of us sharing food that were meant for a whole village.  We had four different types of salad, two different types of spring rolls, four gigantic trays of main course and two-table load of dessert.  The food was fantastic, not only did we have the quantity; we had the best quality in town.

After the feeding frenzy, we settled down for gift exchange and a strange competition.  This was the first annual ‘Tree Building Competition’ hosted by RCD.  The idea of this competition was to have each group construct a Christmas tree with nothing but straws and masking tape.  There were four groups of four in total; each group was given 180 straws and a roll of masking tape.  Time limit was set to 45 minutes.  The winning team was judged by the design and height of their Christmas tree.

xmas partyAfter a busy and noisy 45 minutes, one team stood out from the rest with their conventional design and their extraordinary height of their straw Christmas tree.  Team #4 had a very solid foundation and a wide tree trunk, straw leafs and decorations were also put around the trunk making it multi-dimensional.  Congratulations to Carrie, Shabby, Tom and Rich from Team #4 for designing the winning tree.

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