Jacqueline Roy Carried the Olympic Flame – Feb 9, 2010

JacThe entire gang of RCD staff and some participants cheered for Jacqueline Roy, our volunteer Database Specialist, carrying the Olympic Torch on February 9. We joined the biggest party ever on Railway and Granville, with hundreds of other Richmondites cheering for the Olympic Torch Bearers. The atmosphere was vibrant, full of excitement and anticipation. It was totally infectious when people shouted “Go, Canada, Go” and “Go, Jacqueline, Go”; the air was charged with pride, admiration and appreciation.


Jacqueline looked spectacular in her white uniform and everyone was surrounding her, very curious about her torch, encouraging and congratulating her endeavour. It was surely a night of proud Canadian moments.


Jacqueline will bring her Olympic Torch to the Centre; there will be photo opportunity with her and the torch, and donation for the Centre will be kindly appreciated. All the donations will go to support services enabling people with disabilities to live a more independent life. Stay tuned for more details.

Click here to view some photos of the Torch Relay.