THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The 2021 Online Fundraising Concert has exceeded our fundraising goal because of your generous support.

The support we received is worth more than the fund raised, it means your support and acknowledgement of the works of the RCD. We know that we are not alone, your contribution brought us together. Together RCD and YOU, we make a POWERFUL FUTURE!

Click here to view the Concert on YouTube at your leisure.

Click here to view Concert Program.

Concert Promo Videos & Behind-the-Scenes on YouTube

2021 Online Fundraising Concert Promo Video #1
Promo Video #2 - Cllr. McNulty Issued a Challenge to Service Clubs
2021 Online Fundraising Concert Promo Video #3
2021 Online Concert Behind the Scenes - Volume 1
2021 Online Concert Behind the Scenes - Volume 2

We have also created an IG Story for each performer, go to RCD Instagram to view the IG Stories.

Please keep enjoying and sharing the concert, we hope to continue receiving donation through the online platforms below, as well as cash and cheque donations at our office or by mail. For enquiries, call 604-232-2404.

After the concert:

Any amount of donation is welcome. Tax receipt will be issued for donation of $20 and over.

Making Donation to Support the RCD Fundraising Concert

COVID has changed how we do things in past 2 years – we are still not hosting a gala in 2021; we offer carefully planned in-person activities at the centre; and take precautions to keep ourselves safe.

For donation methods, the RCD has broadened the ways supporters can make donation. Thank you for taking time to find out your preferred method.

Online Donation: we have two online platforms for your choice

  1. Simplyk – a free online donation platform, which we have used and can vouch for its security. We have set up that you can address the performers whom you want to support; and tax receipt will be issued for any amount donated.

    About Simplyk: Simplyk is a free payment platform for Canadian charities and non-profit organizations with a social cause. They provide a totally free donation and fundraising platform, that means 100% of donation received go directly to the RCD. They process all transactions through Stripe, which are certified PCI Level 1 compliant - the highest level of payment certification. Simplyk will issue receipts for tax purposes to all donors; they do not contact donors on any other occasion.

    Click the "Simplyk" logo to go to Donation Page on RCD website.
    Donate Now Through SimplyK Platform

  2. CanadaHelps – an online donation platform providing reliable and secure processing of online donation.

    About CanadaHelps: CanadaHelps is a registered charity and social enterprise in Toronto, Ontario, that provides online fundraising tools to charities for a processing fee. They issue receipts for tax purposes under their name, of 100% of your donation; our organization receives the amount of your donation less the processing fee of 3.5% to 4%.

    Click the “CanadaHelps” logo below to go to Donation Page on CanadaHelps website. Click on the Campaign Tab and choose RCD 2021 Online Fundraising Concert.

    Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

Direct Donation: Complete the RCD Donation Form for your convenience

  1. Cash donation – come in person to RCD office
  2. Cheque donation – come in person or mail to RCD office
  3. E-transfer to RCD at rcd@rcdrichmond.org, call 604-232-2404 for details

Feel free to donate to all performers and/or performers you are supporting. All performers are volunteers of the event, your support will mean a lot to them.

For enquiries, call RCD at 604-232-2404 or email rcd@rcdrichmond.org