Liao Zhi and Friends visited RCD – May 18

It was our honour to welcome Ms. Liao Zhi and her performing group at the RCD on May 18, 2010.  Liao Zhi, 25-year old young dance teacher, was a survivor of the Sichuan earthquake in May 2008. She lost two legs and her only child in the earthquake but still persists in pursuing her passion in dancing. Every time she performs, she moves all the audiences to tears. For 2 consecutive years after the earthquake, Ms Liao led her dance performance to Vancouver to raise fund and to bring awareness to the memorial event, with the support of the CRRS World Wide Foundation (

Ms. Liao brought her 4 dancing group members from Sichuan to Canada for this year’s oversea performance.  All of the dancing members have various forms of physical disabilities and their lives changed substantially after different significant life events.  

Dancing Group Members
Liao Zhi (Two prosthetic legs) ---------------------------Dancer
Shu Fa Jun (One-leg amputated) -----------------------Dancer
Cheung Yang (One-leg amputated) --------------------Dancer and Singer
Chow Kou Kin (Deaf) -------------------------------------- Dancer
Cheung Kin Fung (Deaf) ---------------------------------- Dancer

Ms. Liao and her performing group met with RCD Board of Directors, Chinese Support Group representatives, staff and members during their visit. We were also delighted to have the presence of representatives from CRRS (Worldwide) Foundation with our guests, including Benjamin Li, CEO and May Soo, Executive Director and several other Board members (Kenneth Tsang – Chairman, Albert Wong – Treasurer, Jean Ngai – Secreatry and Carson Wu – Board Members).

Together we enjoyed a fabulous lunch, many thanks to the RCD Chinese Support Group who kindly sponsored the lunch; then they took a tour around the Centre and finally observed the Martial Arts Class for people in wheelchair. We also want to thank Councilor Bill McNulty helping us to welcome our guests and delivered a welcome address.

Through Ms. Liao’s performing arts in dance and songs, she demonstrates to the world of the resilience of people with disabilities. This is the essence of Independent Living Philosophy that people with disabilities can enjoy the same rights and freedom as those without disability, provided that they are included in the community and share the same life experience as everyone else.

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