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Our Story

The Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD), formerly the Richmond Committee on Disability, was established in 1985 through the joint effort of United Way of the Lower Mainland, the Special Needs and Social Planning departments of the City of Richmond and a number of people with disabilities from the community. The RCD serves as an advisory body and spokes group to local government, business and the community on issues and barriers faced by people with disabilities and through its work has contributed to the overall physical and attitudinal accessibility of the community.

The RCD’s purpose is to give people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the community to the fullest extent of their ability and to improve their quality of life by working for – Inclusion, Independence & Empowerment.

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RCD Mission Statement

The RCD is committed to empowering people of all abilities to participate with dignity and confidence in their community and achieve independence to their fullest capabilities through a friendly environment, which provides information, resources, training and support, while increasing public awareness and promoting universal accessibility.

Our Goals

a) To improve the independence and quality of life of people with disabilities in the community by:

  • Increasing awareness through education, by providing educational sessions, workshops and seminars for the general public and people with disabilities.
  • Being a source of information on matters related to people with disabilities
  • Identifying the needs of people with disabilities and the issues that impact them in the community.

b) To act as a voice for people with disabilities in Richmond.

c)To facilitate or undertake projects, such as an information and resource centre, programs or services as may be required to achieve the charitable purposes of the Society.

The need for specialized centralized information & resources in this area for people with disabilities was first identified by the RCD in the late 1980’s. The RCD has developed the Centre in a manner that has avoided duplication of already existing services in the region; we worked to provide the services that were needed but not available. Working in partnership with people with disabilities and community organizations, the RCD has ensured the "vision" of Independent Living is the guiding factor in all decision making.