Computer Class Registration

Computer ClassThe RCD Computer Training Courses are offered on a 12-week term and a 10-week term basis, starting in January, May and September. The weekly classes (12-week) include various practical computer courses such as Computer & Windows Basic, Keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Excel Basic, Access, Excel PRO, PC Maintenance & Security, and Computer 101 Class. In the summer, every August, classes are Facebook Basic & Safety, Photoshop Element and more.

The course fee is $50 for the whole-term course (12 weeks – 1.5 hrs/week) and $40 for 10-week term (10 sessions – 1.5 hrs/week). The Summer class fee is $40 / course.

For registration and arrangement for interview for current or upcoming term,
please contact Viet Vu or call 604-232-2404.

For more information about the Computer Training Course,
please contact Viet Vu or Tom Tang call 604-232-2404

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