RCD Youth Group hosted an amazing Halloween Party – Oct 29, 2011

Pasta NightThe RCD Youth Group’s Halloween Working Group hosted an amazing Halloween Party on Saturday, October 29 at the Centre. There were over 50 participants at the “scary” event and everyone had lots of fun.

Following two Ice Breaker Activities starting shortly after 6pm, the group already had their spirit flying high. It escalated to a new level when finger foods were served. After a sumptuous round of snacks and drinks, the Halloween Working Group started the three prize-winning games of Musical Chair, Spider Hunt and Spider in Rice. At around 9pm, all the guests were given a red dot to put on the person they thought having the best costumes – Gary and Amber won the best male and female costume respectively.

Afterwards, door prize draw began and excitement filled the air. The party closed at 10pm and everyone went done with an exhilarated heart after a night of great fun!

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