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#842 - 5300,
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Lansdowne Centre
Richmond, BC

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RCD Special Request - 2023-2024 RCD fundraising initiatives are particularly important to us. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we urgently need to relocate our center temporarily to ensure the continued delivery of our essential programs and services. This interim relocation is vital to avoid any interruption in the support we provide to our participants, who rely on us for a wide range of services, including information and referral, skills development, peer support, and community engagement. We welcome any support made for our fundraising campaign, either by making donations, supporting our Fundraising Dinner or purchase our fundraising products. Your contribution, no matter the size, will be greatly appreciated and will help us reach our fundraising goal.

You can support the work of the RCD by giving an on-line donation today. We have four on-line platforms for your choosing or through physical donation.

1. E-transfer - Click the "E-transfer" logo below to support RCD fundraising via E-transfer of online banking platform.

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2. Paypal - Click the "Paypal" logo below to support RCD fundraising via Paypal platform.

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3. Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) - a free on-line donation platform; using this platform will ensure all your donation goes to the RCD in its full amount without handling charges.

Click the "Zeffy" logo below to support RCD fundraising via Zeffy platform.

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4. Canada Helps - provides reliable and secure processing of on-line donation.

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5. Direct Mail-in - Click here to download a “Donation Form” to mail in donation directly to the RCD.

Interested in supporting RCD Fundraising Dinner on October 20, 2023?

Click here to buy tickets; donate tickets to volunteers; make cash doantion; donate Silent Auction items and/or be an event sponsor

Thank you for your support !!